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The first and only iOS/Android application created to spread the culture of wine tourism and promote Italian wine tourism in Italy and around the world. It was created in collaboration with the Movimento Turismo del Vino Lombardo. (Wine Tourism Movement)

If good wine, nature, company and new ways to spend your free time is what you are looking for, EnoNautilus is the application for you.

EnoNautilus will guide you to the discovery of the Italian wine tourism, through guided tastings, dinners on the hills, aperitifs by the lake and a thousand other types of events that the Italian Cellars organize and that you can find and book only on EnoNautilus; but EnoNautilus is much more: information, blog, games, reminders, surveys, car consignment and more.

EnoNautilus is not only an application, rather an open window on the world of the Italian wine tourism.

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All the wine tourism you want

Book your participation in Cantine Aperte (Open Cellars), Calici di stelle (Globets of Stars) and other events of the Movimento Turismo del Vino (Wine Tourism Movement) or buy, directly on EnoNautilus, a tasting in your favourite Cellar. All the wine tourism you want is on EnoNautilus; you only have to enjoy wine and company.

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Set a Reminder

Are you forgetful? Are you afraid to forget your reservation for that romantic weekend in “His” Cellar of the heart? Don’t worry, when you book click on the “calendar” icon and EnoNautilus will create a reminder of the event and you won’t miss any more important appointments.

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Filters and Researches

Are you looking for a location where to organize a team building meeting for your company or a restaurant away from the city where you can taste typical products and excellent wines? EnoNautilus can filter its archives through your parameters and give you, in the blink of an eye, just what you were looking for.

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Home & Self delivery

Day at the Cellar: Great wine, great food and delicious company; the right preamble to a fantastic evening. And where do you put the bottles you bought? EnoNautilus takes care of it and with a “Tap” the wine will arrive at home, wherever it is, in complete safety.

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Feedback and Surveys

How much did you like a wine? How good did you felt during a wine tasting in the Cellar? How did you find the rooms where you stayed? Let us know so that EnoNautilus can help the Cellars to improve their services.

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Games and Leisure

Quizzes, fil rouge, puzzles and a lot of other micro-themed games will be included, starting with version 1.6, in EnoNautilus. A way to refine your knowledge in the wine field, increase your Karma Score or simply to pass the time.

We accept suggestions

Do you have any idea how to improve EnoNautilus? Don’t be shy, come forward and tell us. If it is considered valid by the design team and is then integrated into EnoNautilus, we will reward you with a lot of gifts.


carlo pietrasanta

“This work represents the completion of a project born in my mind twenty-seven years ago and a dream that I have caressed for even longer.”

Carlo Pietrasanta


REL. 1.3 (2019 July 25)

Bug Fix
Update UX/UI
Recurring events
Winery features
Free search and / or with filters

REL. 1.2.1 (2019 June 1)

Bug Fix
Event reminders
Navigation by production areas
Material design implementation
Push notification


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